iSplash Software

Introducing iSplash: for Seamless Swim School Management

Welcome to the future of swim school management with iSplash! We are excited to introduce our innovative software, designed specifically to streamline the operations of swimming schools. iSplash offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to both the administrative and customer-facing aspects of your swim school. Let's dive into the features that make iSplash the ultimate solution for managing your swimming lessons.

Staff Portal

The Staff Portal in iSplash is a user-friendly web application that empowers administrators and instructors with everything they need to run swimming lessons smoothly and efficiently. With iSplash, you can easily manage parents and swimmers, keep track of all student and parent information in one place, and simplify class scheduling and enrolment processes. Instructors can effortlessly access their daily lesson schedules and student lists, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. The portal also allows you to make the most of unused pool periods by offering family swim times and helps you manage student courtesy and make-up tokens, ensuring that all missed lessons are accounted for. Additionally, our reporting tools enable you to analyze key data and optimize your swim school operations.

Parents Portal

The Parents Portal connects you directly with your customers, providing them with a seamless experience throughout their swim school journey. Each parent receives their own personal login to manage their child's swimming lessons, track progress, and view upcoming classes. Parents can easily reschedule or book courtesy lessons, transfer their child to a different class if needed, and set up direct debit payments through our integration with GoCardless. This portal enhances the overall customer experience by making it simple and convenient for parents to stay engaged and informed.


Recognizing and celebrating student progress is effortless with iSplash’s Classes Award Schemes. Our system supports all major award schemes such as Swim England and STA, as well as custom schemes tailored to your swim school. You can record and monitor student progress through each award stage, and automatically send out certificates when milestones are achieved. At the end of each term, detailed reports can be provided to parents, showcasing their child’s accomplishments and progress. This feature not only motivates students but also keeps parents informed and satisfied with their child’s development.

At iSplash, we understand the importance of flexibility. Our system ensures that missed lessons don’t disrupt a student’s learning journey. When a parent cancels a lesson, they receive a courtesy 'Catchup' that allows them to reschedule easily. In case of swim school cancellations, parents are provided with makeup passes to maintain lesson continuity. The seamless booking of alternative lesson times using tokens makes managing schedules hassle-free for both parents and the swim school.

iSplash is designed to meet the unique needs of each swim school, enhancing interactions with both staff and customers. You can set up automated emails for various purposes such as welcome messages, class reminders, and newsletters, keeping everyone informed and engaged. Notifications via SMS and email ensure that staff and parents are updated about important events, changes, or emergencies promptly. Our integration with GoCardless supports efficient payment management, whether for one-off payments or monthly subscriptions, streamlining the financial aspect of your operations.


Choosing iSplash means investing in a solution that prioritizes convenience, flexibility, and the overall success of your swimming school. Our software is more than just a management tool; it’s a comprehensive system designed to enhance efficiency, improve communication, and provide an exceptional experience for your customers. Dive into the future of swim school management with iSplash and see how it can transform your operations and elevate your business to new heights. Learn more at and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates on exciting new features or contact us at [email protected] to book a demo!