Legacy Software

Upgrade to Modern Web Applications for Your Business

Old applications may have served you well in the past, but they are becoming increasingly outdated and inefficient in today's fast-paced digital world. Modern web apps are web-based applications that run on any device and browser, using the latest technologies and best practices. They can help you improve your business productivity, customer satisfaction, data security and competitive edge.

Old applications?

We've all used them. Old applications are software programs that have run on a specific operating system version or Internet Browser. It wasn't long ago that you had to open Internet Explorer to access a critical system.

Perhaps you still have a similar system, where you need to go through a sluggish installation process each each user's computer every time there's a little update. Being legacy software, They also rely they are also known to run on outdated technologies or architectures that limit their functionality, performance or security.

What's the alternative?

idash Software specialise in creating modern web-based applications that are made to run on your computer, tablet or phone. We use modern and robust technologies accompanied by following industry best practices. These web applications don't require installation or updates on the user's device. They can leverage cloud computing, microservices, APIs and other features to offer better performance, security, scalability and user experience.

Is it time to upgrade?

There are many benefits of replacing your old applications:

  • Performance: Web apps can load faster, handle more traffic and process more data than old applications. They can also use caching, offline mode and progressive enhancement to improve their speed and reliability.
  • Security: Web apps use HTTPS encryption, authentication protocols and other security measures to protect your data from hackers and breaches.
  • Scalability: Web apps can scale up or down according to your business needs without affecting their quality or performance.
  • User experience: Web apps can offer a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and devices.
What do we need to consider?

Replacing your old applications with modern web apps for business has many benefits, but there's no short-cut solution. It requires careful planning, execution, and testing.

It all starts by evaluating your existing system. What works well and what needs urgently addressing?

  • Are there any out of date technologies?
  • Does it perform well, and will it continue to do so as the business grows?
  • Is it really serving you well, or are you having to fit your workflows around its predefined functions?
  • What functionality is unused and what functionality is missing?
  • Is the system costly to upkeep?
  • Are there security risks or data-loss risks?
  • Does the system have backups, data audit trails, API connectivity and logging?
  • Can we extract the data from the system, or will we be starting afresh?
What's next?

Replacing your old applications with modern web apps for business is nearly always a worthwhile investment. It will need for careful planning and execution, but we have experience of helping our clients make this upgrade.

Get in contact with us and we will help explore this with you further.